Cross your eyes and dot your T's.  Give a smile and make a statement! 


  1. USA Watchdog
    USA Watchdog
  2. Many Mansions
    Many Mansions
  3. Cross Eyed
    Cross Eyed
  4. Pencils Cause Errors?
    Pencils Cause Errors?

You Don't Say?

A picture is worth a 1000 words.  You can see our T-shirt designs are a lot more than just words.  Splashes of color as well as explosions of insight are what we are about.  Wearing one of our shirts can make people think.  Give a smile.  And, maybe, start them down the path to a fresh view on life.  T-shirts that in just a little way make the world a better place.
  1. LoveActive
  2. Thorns
  1. Jesus Saves
    Jesus Saves
  2. Piece In Our Time
    Piece In Our Time