Cross your eyes and dot your T's.  Give a smile and make a statement! 

Who.  Why.  How . . .

Face for Radio

 Steve Twitchell

I grew up Baptist.  I do not dance.  But I love the rhythm of editing film.  The harmony of layering sounds for soundtracks.  The beat in the emotion of a voice.  The happy feet (feat) of type and image creating a graphic that says more than just words alone. 
I started working with audio and film when I was 14 years old.  I have had a great career producing 1000's of radio commercials, TV commercials and programs.  But in 2016,  I was diagnosed with kidney disease.  My days of going on location were pretty much done. 
Cheese may get better with age but . . . well, no whine (or wine, remember I'm Baptist) here.  I had been told many a time over the years that "you should make a T-shirt out of that!".  So, here I am.  Still making radio commercials and editing TV but also taking some of those graphic ideas to T-shirts. 
Our world today has a lot of messages that are distributed by big corporations. A lot of those messages do not point to better living, truth or God.   Individual voices are harder and harder to hear.  This is my attempt to let those single voices be seen in a new, fun and colorful way.  Humor is one of the best ways to get an idea and a message across.  We need to get back to basics with God, family and caring.  So, humor me.  Buy a shirt!